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Red Winged Blackbird riding a Red-tailed Hawk. Sometimes when raptors threaten the young of smaller birds they'll attack the predators. Looks like the photographer caught the blackbird in a brief moment of inactivity ---- PavL

White Wolf : Trickster Crow Takes a Rest on the Back of a Bald Eagle

It& not just birds of a feather that flock together. A crow has been photographed hitching a very rare mid-flight lift on the back of a bal.

Raven pickin on a Hawk.

Tail Pulling Crows (meaning Corvus, not just the crows with the common name “crow”) pull tails. If there is a tail, it must be pulled: Magpies in the genus Pica.


These white eagles have had the lower bodies panted to look like Bald Eagles.

Red Tail Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk Dive Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Marcus Armani

Birds of Prey -Owls, Hawks, Eagles in In the Blink of an Eye Forum


This picture shows a hawk flyiing with it’s wings completely spread out.

Red-tailed Hawk - there's one that lives around here - see it all the time.

Ranch Red-tailed Hawk - there's one that lives around here - see it all the time.

Animale in poze incredibile

Fish can fly too. Photo by unknown author This is an Osprey (Fish Eagle)

Hairy Woodpecker  Google Image Result for http://hostedmedia.reimanpub.com/BNB/Images/bdb/hairywoodpecker_fBoxV.jpg

Almost identical to the Downy Woodpecker, the Hairy Woodpecker is larger in size and has a much heavier, longer bill.