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      This is a guide about remedies for migraine headaches. A migraine headache can be overwhelming ,and even make you sick to your stomach. Reducing the pain can be difficult.

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      Five Natural Painkillers. Take on pain the natural way. Article from Healthy Family News from NextCare

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      The Natural Plan to Get Rid of Your Headaches for Good: Follow Dr. Low Dog’s plan to help get off of your pain medications and get rid of your painful headaches.

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      HEADACHE & TIREDNESS REMEDY – During a headache, try to close your right nostril and breathe through the left side of your nose. In about 5 minutes your headache will be gone. On the other hand, when you feel tired, just reverse the technique… and after a very short while, you will feel your mind is totally refreshed.

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      Daylight Saving Time ends: How to fall back the healthy way by Tracy Miller New York Daily News "Many people experience health issues ranging from cluster headaches to fatigue and depression November 1 2013

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      Wish every day was #headachefree? Did you know: common headache triggers include tension/stress, alcohol use, smoking, caffeine, cold/flu, eye strain & fatigue. Learn more. #headache #headachetriggers

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      If you suffer from migraines you know how difficult it can be to find some remedies. Here are some tips to treat your migraine....

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      Women's Stroke Symptoms - Hiccups with chest pain (women) Headaches (women) Heart palpitations (women) Shortness of breath (women) Dizziness but no vertigo (women) Chest pain (women) Numbness throughout the body with one side being more numb than the other (women) Trouble seeing in one or both eyes (both) Sudden confusion, or trouble understanding words or speaking (both) Numbness or weakness in leg, face or arm (both) Sudden loss of coordination, balance or ability to walk (both)

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    Migraines and Headaches: Symptoms & Types >> This is basic information, but quite helpful. I learned that there is a type of migraine where you have no pain, but just toss your cookies for a while...or the kind where you just see flashes, even in the dark, or the...the list just goes on...

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    Chronic migraine awareness ribbon...

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    Chronic migraine awareness day

    Best book I have ever read on the subject - and I'm only on Chapter Two! Buy this for yourself, your family, your friends - anyone who suffers from chronic "headaches". The information could revolutionize life! I am even ordering a copy for my doctor!! #migraine

    Chronic migraines are a disease that very few understand. It's a battle everyday wondering, is today going to be ruined yet again by a Migraine. It's hard to plan on anything for the future as that day may again, be the continuing Migraine.

    depression | Tumblr

    Keep calm and Stay Strong! Chronic Migraine Awareness! (I made! Credit goes to Lauren Nicole

    Raw for beauty - OMG SO excited to try this, chronic migraines are a bitch and I hate popping pills (which rarely work anyhow) soooooooo stoked on this!!!

    RA, Addison's, Fibromyalgia, IBD, Sjorgen's, Chronic Migraines ...