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Understanding Headaches!

Migraines and Headaches: Symptoms & Types >> This is basic information, but quite helpful. I learned that there is a type of migraine where you have no pain, but just toss your cookies for a while...or the kind where you just see flashes, even in the dark, or the...the list just goes on...

Taking CoQ10 or its reduced form, ubiquinol, can help alleviate migraines -- magnesium and riboflavin supplements are other alternatives. I outsmart the darn things all the time, but they usually come back sometime during the day...

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19 Genius Health Tips Lazy People Will Appreciate

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36 Simple Ways To Quiet Your Anxiety

36 Tips To Help Make Your Anxiety Feel A Little Smaller

Smart! "Have your smartest people develop the new hires" ... One of several strategies to retain employees ... "Future of Talent Management - The Economy, Workers, etc. Have Changed Things" via ZDNet