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    Hermione Search Engine

    Oh, Hermione....

    Harry Potter fans will get this. One of my favorite Hermione quotes! #HarryPotter #HP

    I'm Harry Potter! :)

    harry potter

    Haha!! So true! Go Hermione!!!! Sorry for the language.

    Harry Potter #Hermione #Ron

    This is how Hermione's hair should have been most of the time.


    Wingardium Leviosa



    Hermione... my favorite.

    According to JK Rowling, the last thing Hermione was supposed to say was Ron's hair. ♥

    The sheer awesomeness of Hermione Granger. :)


    Heeheeeheee! Ron is so evil!

    Harry Potter

    "not Ron because you have standards" hahaha

    First and last lines of the trio