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I would have bought this but every time I look away I forget what the design was...

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The Best T Shirt Designs & Artwork - Past Geek Shirt Gallery | TeeFury

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The Best T Shirt Designs & Artwork - Past Geek Shirt Gallery | TeeFury

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For all my friends who are Dr. Who fans

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@Melinda Moore, I LOL'd

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@Melinda Moore

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davidtennantinplacesheshouldntbe: doctorwho: David ashleyhartsu: diklgjidklfjihi #david tennant in places he should be #that place being our hearts ^^^^^ You guys see those tags? See them? Those are from the Doctor Who blog itself!

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Wow a doctor who work out!


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I am both a Dr Seuss and Dr Who fan. This makes me giggle.<< yet again it is Doctor Who. Am I gonna have to do this to every pin