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Curly Hair Problem this is when I straighten it. Every time at events and I'm like the only one with straightened my hair.

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yyeesss when i search "curly hairstyles" why do all of them require a curling iron and the natural curly ones are always a side party and down. oh my word this is so true

White girl problems

Raising awareness for the Basic White Girl epidemic sweeping the world. So sad.

So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

FOR REAL! If it's not gonna rain or if it's too hot and I wanna go out! I DONT straighten my hair! But if it's nice and cool outside, straight hair indeed!

curly hair problem #1

All of you straight haired people need to just stop! I'm probably not going to listen and I probably don't really care! Please stop telling me to straighten my hair!