Noun review flap book! Includes pronouns, common & proper nouns, singular & plural nouns and possessive nouns.

types of sentences

The mother load of foldables with pictures and directions! FREE

Kids LOVE these foldables, especially elementary kids. Making these would be wonderful for them to better understand ecosystems.

Use grammar interactive notebook foldable pieces to teach and review parts of speech with your middle school ELA students. Notes support Common Core Language standards, including pronouns (6th grade), conjunctions and sentence structure (7th grade), verbs and verbals (8th grade). many cool ideas.

The water cycle foldable

Noun and Verb Word Sort Freebie

FACE FOLDABLE Are you looking for a fun way to assign mini-research projects, to create a beginning of the year All About Me getting-to-know-you activity or to teach characterization techniques? You are? Then try this. Fold each side of a horizontal sheet of paper to the middle. Have the kids draw a picture on the front and add words or questions around the drawing to invite readers to open the flaps and get more information! (free foldable template)

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Parts of Speech Flipbook. This needs to be done the first week of school!

Characterization foldable

Noun Song - Have Fun Teaching

Easy as PIE, authors purpose

it's a website all about foldables. TEACHER HEAVEN


Helping parents help their students with questions to ask after reading! (Free Download)

Noun activities

This is a FREE Noun, Verb, and Adjective center activity with a sorting mat, 24 word cards, and a recording sheet. Cute!

the most basic, self-explanatory 'map' of the parts of speech. Great map of the parts of speech. Using different colors provides a multi-sensory approach to teaching these.