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Taormina, Italy- when we do make it over there, I want to take the time to see the countryside, small towns, piazzas! Sights, tastes, smells, history!

Beautiful public garden in Taormina, Sicilia Taormina's greatest delights only a few tourists ever see is the presence of splendid villas ; The Villa Comunale , a noble english woman's private garden named Florence Trevelyan-Cacciola , is now one of the most beautiful park anywhere , with its exotic garden , with fanciful brick pavillons. The immaculate way in which the villa is kept up is only the most striking example of resolute civic pride you will notice all over the town .

Taormina, Sicily- final honeymoon stop! Ancient ruins, mt etna, and beach- yessss

Beautiful streets, Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Toarmina,Italy Italy is filled with amazing seaside and mountain towns. And the food will be divine wherever you go!

Taormina, Sicily; such a beautiful place! Loved it.

The Best of Sicily 2013 Love my lifestyle - My blog -My business

A side street in Taormina, Italy. Loved it and loved the food. Peasant food they call it. Fit for a king...

Old stairway in Taormina, Sicily  | by © jellicle_kitten | via ysvoice