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    Brotip #87 Being nice to people you aren't a fan of isn't being fake. It's called growing up. (Hint: Goes along with not talking about people behind their backs)

    Stick and stones.

    true true true

    That's POWERFUL!!!. #hawaiirehab www.hawaiiislandr...

    Absolutely ... so True !!! Thought this was common sense .Maybe not to some. That's why some people seem to never grow up and be cordial, hmm. Maybe they will get it !



    So true

    Before you speak...THINK! From: Lead.Learn.Live.

    Don't wait

    Actions speak louder than words. So proud of our Em for being the bigger/better person! @emily smith

    crying isn't a weakness


    ♥ Raise your vibration by hanging out with only nice people! It's a healthy and fun thing to do!

    Now...If only some people would actually DO this!! This is really good advice...not only about gossip, but inventing problems in your own mind from things people do that may not have anything to do with you. If it's not about you, then don't make it about you.

    Gossip Gossip


    true. too true.

    So true.