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Indian Chief, and very distinguished looking gentleman, with Winchester. I'll bet he knows very well how to use it too.

Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.

Rain-in-the-Face. Sioux. Early 1900s. Photo by F.B. Fiske. Source/ State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Ahpeatone (aka Apiatan, aka Wooden Lance) and his wife - Kiowa - circa 1910

Long Dog - Hunkpapa / Sioux (Lakota)

Above we show a majestic photo of Sitting Bear. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The illustration documents Sitting Bear, Arikara man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.

Lakota Fool Bull Sioux Medicine Man

Northwestern Great Plains Native American warrior.

Pawnee Nation Braves

Crow Foot II (aka Big Crow Foot II, aka Crow Indian's Big Foot II, aka Shot Close, aka Bear Ghost, aka Packs The Knife II) - Blackfoot (Siksika) - circa 1886

Almighty Voice - Cree man - no date

Ah-Keah-Boat (aka Jim Two Hatchet) - Kiowa - 1898

Kwakiutl and Navajo tribes. Edward S. Curtis circa 1914.

Indian and Horse

Chief Boy, Blackfoot, 1900

Ve'ho'evo'hame, or Chief American Horse - northern Cheyenne

Indian chief

black indians -

Studio portrait, head and shoulders, of James A. Garfield, Chief of Apache Native American tribe, ca. 1900

Native American

NA Indian - Little Bird, Arapahoe photographed by F.A. Rinehart. (c.1898).

Otto, son of the Nez Percés Chief Joseph (aka Joseph II). No date. Photo by "unknown".

Native American Tattoo Designs And Meanings | Native American Symbols

native American dancer arrow of light 2, via Flickr.