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    The face of determination! Bettie the Kid (jammer) of Monterey Bay Derby Dames. All of their teams are named after Steinbeck novels. AMAZING. Photo by Mark Nockleby.

    Photo by Peter Troest.

    1. Co-ed roller derby and 2. HOLY APEX JUMP, BATMAN! Team Awesome vs. Team Sexy at Rollercon. Photo by Sharkey.

    Pretty sure this is the Oly Rollers. Photo by Dave Wood.

    Holy what? Oly Rollers vs. Kansas City. Photo by Jules Doyle (aka Axle Adams).

    I'VE BEEN FRAMED! Santa Cruz Derby Girls, by Mark Nockleby.

    Adelaide Roller Derby. By Joel C.

    Sk8 Crime proposes to her girlfriend, Hop Devil, at their last game for the Cincinnati Rollergirls. Photo by Jason Bechtel.

    Tilted Thunder, a banked track team from Seattle. Photo by Eric Korn.

    My darling derby wife, Poppy Chullo of the Cincinnati Rollergirls

    Cincinnati's Sadistic Sadie doing what she does best, pictured with Hall Balls of Kansas City. Photo by Phil Peterson.

    Tannibal Lector (of the Oly Rollers) on the hunt for Carmen Getsome (of Rat City). Photo by Jules Doyle (aka Axle Adams).

    Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby. Photo by Wijadi Jodi.

    I don't know what is happening here, but if that is a narwhal, then I approve. North Star Rollergirls, photo by Greg Mellang.

    Bonecrusher of the Steel City Derby Demons and her glittery face at Anarchy in the UK (background - Double Destroyer, foreground - Dresta Kill). Photo by Derek Bremner.

    Jowanna BEAT Down of the North Star Rollergirls in the Imperial Penalty Box. Picture by Paul Robertson (aka Preflash Gordon).

    Nastee jamming for the Cincinnati Rollergirls, versus the Nashville Rollergirls (uncertain the identity of the jammer - maybe Jersey Jackhammer?). Photo by Jeff Sevier.

    Now that's what I call a plow stop! La Diabla*, Steel City Derby Demons. Photo by Joe Medolo.

    Long Beach Junior Roller Derby. I would LOVE to see a junior derby bout. Photo by Jesse Freeman.

    Carmen Getsome of the Rat City Rollergirls. I love the jam ref shadow in this. Picture by Jules Doyle (aka Axle Adams).

    From the Gotham City All Stars v. LA Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes bout, which took place on the banked track this past weekend (Gotham is a flat track team). Haught Wheels (LA) tries to stop the unstoppable Bonnie Thunders (Gotham). Photo by Snap Shock.

    A levitating Wreck Deckard (awesome name!) of the Rose City Rollers. Photo by Jonathan Beck.

    Uncertain the league (L.A. Derby Dolls, I think). Themed scrimmage: Frenchies vs. Rednecks. Amazing. Photo by Timothy Tolle.

    LipService of the Queen City Rollergirls, Double Destroyer and Mean Burrito of the Steel City Derby Demons. Photo by AJ Carpinelli.