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Snow Art: Much Cooler Than Crop Circles

Crop circles are so 1990s. Nowadays, my favorite mysterious, creative phenomenon is snow art. Did aliens make it? Does it indicate some old druid structure hidden beneath the snow? Or is it just down to some insanely creative artist?

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Magnificent Geometric Snow Art by Simon Beck

simon beck snow quilts | Snow Quilts -gorgeous with the sunshine adding to the effect. This man is very talented.

Simon Beck is the creator of these awesome snow patterns. What he has done is walking for days on snow in his snowshoes (raquettes) along the frozen lake of Savoie in France. Each piece is sometimes as big as three football pitches! The patterns are sometimes 3D which make them even more spectacular.

Simon Beck, originally an orienteering mapmaker, has turned his attention to creating gigantic artistic patterns in the snow--and photographing them.

crop circles in the snow... :)

These abstract images in the snow are inspired by crop circles, and are produced by Simon Beck. On his Facebook page, he explains that he manages to "create [them] by walking in the snow wearing briquettes (snowshoes)."

This guy's snow art is amazing. He makes these designs using snowshoes! Some of them really look like quilts.

Simon Beck's Snow Art (stomping through the snow, creating patterns the size of approx. 3 football fields!!!)

Simon Beck’s Snow Art