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Emilia Rosengård on

I can't stress this enough - if he doesn't think you are wonderful, then he isn't worth it! I had stopped believing in True Love until it hit me. They call it 'falling in love' for a reason, when it is real all you have to do is fall into the arms of the person who loves you. When it is True Love you will have no doubt that they will be waiting to catch you!

Kiss me goodnight. Hold me close. Go adventuring with me. Confide in me. Be my best friend. Cry with me. Show me grace. Encourage me. Grow old with me and most of all, love me always. ---My Sweetheart says he will love me, forever and a day. :o)

wouldn't it be great to tell your mate this every morning. Perhaps you may hear the same thing in response.

never thought I'd find anyone I could love like I do you, and the most surprising thing is that you love me back