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  • Guglielmo Cornelli

    [INFOGRAPHIC] That’s Old News! How Social Media Is Replacing Traditional Journalism As A News Source #socialmedia

  • Argyle Social

    How Social Media Is Taking Over the News Industry Nearly 50% of news consumers who received breaking news via #socialmedia later found out the news was erroneous. Hmm...

  • Michelle Baruchman

    This is a major current issue in journalism right now. Will the field of journalism die due to social media? Websites like Facebook and Twitter make it so that any amateur can call himself a reporter. This study finds that 50% of people read news on cellular devices and a large amount of Americans learned of the death of Osama Bin Laden through Twitter.

  • Call Me Ian

    Traditional Journalism vs Social Media #infographic

  • Jacob Sloan

    #Infographic: How #social #media is replacing traditional #journalism as a #news source — "50% of people have learned about breaking news via social media rather than official news sources."

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