• Ann Lorenzo

    Corgi puppy. Floppy ear! So cute

  • John Carlos

    Otis, the Asymmetrical Corgi Puppy - "They went that way". #corgi #dog #omg #cute #animals

  • Thaly

    cute welsh corgi puppy - i love the ears!

  • ReSound

    Need a little puppy humor - how about a hearing comic? "Can you talk into my good ear..."

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awww, what a cutie pie! Those puppy eyes! cocker spaniel puppy

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Recent photo of a little boy visiting the White House. He wanted to feel Obama’s hair because he wanted to know if the President’s hair felt just like his. Obama obliged. Priceless.

Another cutie added to the site today! #OMGPuppies

Another cutie added to the site today! #OMGPuppies

I'm always there for you.