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Parking lots and their payment vendors are the popular new hacker targets

Park-n-Fly, the St. Louis Parking Company and their customers all among the latest victims.

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Student debt relief programs were bogus, feds and Florida charge

The epidemic of student debt has led to any number of bogus debt relief schemes. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the state of Florida last week took

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Storm-Battered States Crack Down on Scams, Gouging

Day Trading Strategies to Enter and Exit Hurricane Commodities | Indicator Warehouse | Day Trading Software, Systems and Indicators | Ninja Trader

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Geico to pay $6 million to California for "misleading, discriminatory" quotes

The state took issue with Geico's online premium quoting system.

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Court shuts down tech support scam blamed for $17 million in consumer losses

The feds, working with Pennsylvania and Connecticut state officials, have tracked down a band of alleged tech support scammers who allegedly robbed consume

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The One-Ring Phone Scam -- don't return that unfamiliar call!

Mobile devices have become the cream of the palm and creating apps for them are all the more important in this ever-so-fast changing world.

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LOOK: One Thing Red States Do Better Than Blue States

The most generous states in the U.S.

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Online payment portal Dwolla dinged for its security practices

FTC warns data brokers they may be selling consumer information illegally

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As tax-filing season approaches so do the scam artists

You can almost set your clock by it. As the 2014 tax season approaches, the crooks, con men and various other low-lifes who want to separate you from your

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Tech firm loses $47 million to business email compromise scam

In today's world, the anti-scam rule “Don't call me, I'll call you” is more important than ever.

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Supreme Court won't hear Westgate's appeal

The Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge by timeshare operator Westgate Resorts to a $500,000 court judgment for what a Tennessee judge called "i

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Massive payday loan fraud scheme halted

The defendants are banned from consumer lending industry.

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Google to censor adult content; remains unclear on meaning of word “censor”

All adult blogs set to go “private” next month.

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Unemployment ticks higher in June

Better late than never -- government releases September employment numbers

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Cardiologists pitch in to save a cat

Rare surgery repairs congenital heart defect.

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E-cig explosions blamed for facial injuries, severe burns

Incidents of nicotine poisoning have surged with the popularity of e-cigarettes.

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How Thula The Cat Helps A Girl With Autism Live Life More Fully

Iris Grace and her therapy cat and best friend Thula are inseparable. They even have the same favourite toys in the bath

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Rent-to-own is an expensive way to do either

Attorney general alleges consumer and privacy-law violations; company denies wrongdoing.

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Hey!! The economy actually grew in the final three months of 2012

The economy actually grew in the final three months of 2012