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Looking for a gift for dad? Maybe something that will help him look younger, feel better, relax in the yard with a cool drink? All good ideas, until you find out some of these ad claims may leave fathers feeling just disappointed.

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Recently the Huffington Post did an exposé, using Verizon FiOS’ new pick-your-own-channel bundle for $74.99 as an example. When you added all the other charges, you actually had to pay over 60% more than the advertised price.

Everybody loves a bargain, and when a company offers a second product free or at reduced price, that can be an attention-grabber. The problem is that too often companies advertise 2-fer offers that are ambiguous at best, causing the shopper to jump to a conclusion about pricing that might be erroneous.

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An Oregon agricultural products company is suing its bank to recover nearly a quarter-million dollars stolen in a 2010 cyberheist.

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Bend Businessman Pleads Guilty to $6 Million Bank Fraud

More than 1,000 consumers had their bank information stolen in an ATM "skimming" scheme.

The Justice Department says that five Instant Tax Service franchises in different cities engaged in persistant fraud and that company founder Fez Ogbazion knew about and ignored it.