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    BBB Alert: Potential data breach may affect 1 billion people worldwide. Learn how to protect your identity and secure your personal data Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon, & Western

    • ωαղdα нυɠհєy

      Millionaire Obama: I Hate Income Inequality - Truth Revolt. Refreshed by a $4 million Hawaii vacation, and clueless about how to "create jobs" Obama begins his hypocritical attempt to foment jealousy and covetousness among those who are suffering daily from his inept leadership as President. Click photo twice to see the article from awesome News outlet, Truth Revolt!

    • Mark Garren

      Adding on to the topic about media and the big six companies, I'd like to bring up an alternate news source I occasionally browse - Russia Today. This news site is definitely not without its own biases, but it shows alternate views, especially about U.S. events, such as the recent controversies surrounding the NSA.

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      ΗΠΑ: FBI και NSA κατασκόπευαν επιφανείς Αμερικανούς μουσουλμάνους - - Έκθεση αποκαλύπτει ότι 7.485 ηλεκτρονικές διευθύνσεις παρακολουθούνταν από το 2002 έως το 2008 – Πολλά mail έχουν σταλεί από ξένους που θεωρούνταν ύποπτοι για συμμετοχή στο δίκτυο

    • Carmen Maqueo

      La firma ESET Latinoamérica ha publicado una guía rápida para mantener la seguridad en los routers de los hogares libres de las amenazas ciberneticas de los criminales

    • Tea Party News Report

      Latest NSA Data Collection News -

    • Afzal Hossain

      Severe And Large Hacking Attack Launched At Finland's Government Data Network - Over the past few years, hackers around the globe have grown increasingly sophisticated. Concerted cyberattacks have been launched against different countries and now, Finland has made it to the list. It has been revealed that the country's government data network was hit with a 'severe and large' hacking attack earlier this year. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]

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      Actualiza #Adoble Flash si no quieres problemas en Google, YouTube, Twitter o eBay

    • Samuele Landi

      Security1Click - Cyber security made simple

    • hafiz ibrahim

      Hacker (computer security)

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    "According to Javelin Strategy & Research, people who use smartphones are 33% more likely to be victims of identity fraud primarily because they are placing online orders over text and email." BBB and the Federal Trade Commission offer advice on how to protect your identity when you order food online.

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    As the filing deadline quickly approaches, BBB is warning tax-paying consumers to file cautiously:

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    BBB is very serious about the enforcement of its standards with Accredited Businesses. It is unfortunate, but sometimes an Accredited Business can have its accreditation revoked.

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