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Cat bite puts woman in the hospital with a serious infection - The Washington Post

Many uses for the same idea...simple. Love the use of pictures for visual learners.

The Top 10 Animal Superpowers | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine

Zooeyia: The health benefits of animals in our lives Zooeyia is a recently invented word to describe the health benefits of pets. This new word was coined from the Greek root words for animal and health. The inventors of the word consider it the opposite of zoonosis, which refers to diseases transmitted from animals to man or vice-versa.

You've seen them around, those portly canines, their puppy spirit long gone. These days, fetching a ball isn't as appealing as a good old-fashioned handshake for a treat. Their owners still probably find them cute despite their lack of mobility and spark.

Tool-making crows have the ability to "reason", say scientists. In an experiment, researchers found that crows were more likely to forage when they could attribute changes in their environment to a human presence. This behaviour may suggest "complex cognition", according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Panda blood contains antibiotic compound Researchers in China studying pandas have discovered a peptide with antibacterial properties in panda blood. The compound, cathelicidin-AM, destroys bacteria in an hour, compared with the more than six hours needed by other antibiotics. This isn't the first time antibacterial peptides have been identified in animals. "More than 1,000 antimicrobial peptides have been found from animals, plants and microorganisms."