Reusable hemp Coffee filters

Already have reusable produce bags, now I just need these reusable organic bulk food bags ...

Six New Uses for Coffee Grounds from Inspiration for Moms

Homemade Natural Carpet Cleaner

Magic Eraser uses... did you know you can cut a piece off and float it in your toilet overnight and voila! no more toilet ring! The website has a list of about 100 uses!

Washable, cotton bowl covers - an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent, Less than $2 for 5 Gallons!

Homemade Oxyclean anyone? 1 cup water 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide 1/2 cup baking soda

Use tape to measure distance between the two holes, then put the tape on the wall. Genius.

Gotta try this-- Ice Proofing the Car Windows with 2/3 Vinegar 1/3 water! Just spray on windows and ice will melt away!

Great for all the nuts we eat! I wonder if they have smaller sized Coffeemate containers as well?

Repurposing stuff rocks.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make Reusable Swiffer Cloths | The Happy Housewife

How to fold t-shirts to make them more organized and easy to see. I love when Pinterest changes my life!

Blessing Bags - keep a couple in the car so when you see someone who is struggling (begging) you can give them a little something. Acts of Kindness.

Beautiful, Easy-to-Make, Reusable, Nature Journals! {Tutorial and FREE template included!} These would make the perfect gift for any occasion! {Especially those who love nature, for a camping trip, photo journal, sketchbook, so many ideas!}

Save those Gorgeous Grounds: Reusing Coffee Grounds Can Save You Money!

DIY reusable versions of kitchen basics (coffee filters, food wrap, sandwich bags)