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"You are what you eat!"

How about last night? Lol I'm drunk and a mess without you amour! Mentally hilarious is more like it!

This is soooo me!  lol  My six year old granddaughter is like.....Nana, just let me do it! Haaahaaa

This is absolutely true.my granddaughter has the straw in the drink in one nano-second.I can't get the straw out of the plastic holder.so funny!

Novel writing tips | 10 common grammar mistakes even great writers ...

10 Common Grammar Mistakes

Or. how about "helping your Uncle, Jack, off OF a horse" (improper use of capitalization for emphasis only). See, actual proper grammar and punctuation saves the day! But not as funny.

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I fart. whisper in my panties? If you "whisper in your panties", you're in denial!

Got wine corks?

Wine Cork Crafts - Goetzinger reminds me of your wedding, except for the bottles not the corks!

Everyday of my life.


Once you hate someone everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place". lol its sad that this is so us!

I like the stick figure families but this did make me laugh :)

That made me laugh once I got it! It took me a second after I read it then I finally pictured the stick figure family car window things!

Salmonella my ass.  I'm eating the batter.

Life is a Constant Battle

Once You Go Black

I'm still waiting on the "Once you go black, you never go back" episode of Mythbusters.