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    Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a child

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    • Wishfully

      Like other young boys of his era, Franklin Roosevelt wears a dress. This studio portrait was likely taken in New York in 1884.

    • Jennifer Naslund Weaver

      Franklin Roosevelts mom clothed him in dresses until he was five. | 21 Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents

    • Amber Cottrell

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt photographed as a child. Social convention of 1884, when FDR was photographed at age 2 1/2, dictated that boys wore dresses until age 6 or 7, also the time of their first haircut. Franklin’s outfit was considered gender-neutral.

    • Patricia Lof

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Community Post: 30 Famous Historical Figures When They Were Young ~ NOW A DAYS WE WOULD PROBABLY THINK THIS PHOTO IS OF A GIRL BUT THAT'S THE WAY "RICH" BOYS WERE DRESSED IN THOSE DAYS ~

    • Mary Ross

      Franklin Roosevelt, age 2-1/2 yrs. This look is unsettling to us today, yet the social convention of 1884 dictated that boys wore dressed until age 6 or 7, which was also the time of their first haircut. Franklin's outfit here was considered gender-neutral.

    • Clarice Larkin

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a child. [Rich families dressed their boys as girls because people would kidnap the boys.]

    • Liz Sweet

      Dresses are for girls? They weren't prior to the 1920's-30's when young boys and girls wore similar clothing and hairstyles. Case in point--this is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a child.

    • Alec @ Child's Play Music

      "When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink" The Smithsonian. You may be thinking "what a charming old photo of a little girl!" Nope - that's Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the great US President, and he's dressed in the usual clothes for a well-to-do male child of his era. Or a girl for that matter - the clothes he is wearing were gender-neutral. A fascinating article that looks at the history of gender-specific clothing for children, and it's full of interesting insights.

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