DIY Craft Clay

DIY Pet Paw Prints

Cornstarch and baking soda clay that dries like porcelain. Easier than salt dough, and comes out as a beautiful white.

Baking Soda Clay. This is amazing.

Clay Owl Ornaments - so easy to make from a simple circle of Clay!

Raw Porcelain Clay for Sale. How to make porcelain clay tutorial.

This homemade clay recipe only takes two ingredients and 10 minutes! Oh, and it is so much cheaper than the store bought model magic!!

1 cup of hair conditioner. 2 1/2 cups of cornstarch.

Make Your Own Mod Podge (MUCH Cheaper) For Decor and Craft Projects - 2 parts whte glue, I part water... Shake. Done.

Homemade "close to porcelain" recipe with simple ingredients Still, we had a difficult time finding a baker's type clay that we really liked. The typical salt/flour stuff distorts too easily and I wasn't fond of the texture. Some clays didn't dry well... they would crack or get grainy of just plain stink while they baked. Then we found this simple recipe and fell in love

Clay recipe (Just corn starch, baking soda, and water) for making ornaments - Bake them in the oven, or allow to air dry.

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Recipe for air dry clay using baking soda and cornflour and water for white air dry clay. It says it will keep in an airtight container for a few weeks, but air drys really quickly

Great Bubble DIY for Kids – Make Bubbles that Will Bounce – DIY & Crafts

Glass Bottle Cutting- soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover, tie around bottle, light with a lighter, let burn all the way around for about 10-15 seconds then dip in bowl of cold water perfect spilt every time. Yes I will be trying this.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

how to make a really good papier mache clay

Milk Jug Flowers Summer Garden Craft #kids #summer #craft #garden