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This a Youtuber named Colleen Ballinger she is hilarious and talented watch this video and you'll see what I mean :)

Share The Love - Jon Cozart hilarious!!! The child to mommy made me laugh so hard I got years :P


Spider-man is the master of any beat…


"MOM, Who is she?" "It's your sister." "I've never seen her before mom." HAHAHA DIED LAUGHING AT THIS! God bless this mother for having both of her kids get there wisdom teeth out at the same time!

sometimes we forget that missionaries are just 18 & 19 year old guys... i could watch it every day. This makes me SO happy.

One Direction Cup Song Mashup - What Makes You Beautiful / One Thing / Kiss You. I'm crying guys, this is so amazing I can't even........oh my gosh please just watch please

This lady sings Katy Perry's "Firework" while doing impressions for various celebrities and singers. Scarily accurate and really funny.