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    Creating your own rainstorm: this version from Play Explore Learn has a link

    • T S

      For WEATHER unit: Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen.

    • Rhonda Delgado

      PLAY. EXPLORE. LEARN: Weather Watchers <-- mini rain storms: water, shaving cream, food coloring, eye droppers!

    • Art by Rebecca Kouchit

      Easy science experiment. See how clouds create rain. Items needed: shaving cream, food coloring, clear container, water. Make your hypothesis, draw, then do the experiment. KIds. Children and science.

    • Teresa Pirelli

      Rain storm. All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen. Maybe take dictations!

    • Shaquanda Baylock

      Weather experiment w/ food coloring & shaving cream

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    weather experiments

    Cover hand in shortening to demonstrate how fat keeps animals warm in winter.

    Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain. Kids love experiments!

    Create an explosion in a bag to explain the the three states of matter! LIQUID - Pour 1/4 cup of warm water into a ziploc bag. Next, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the water (food coloring optional). SOLID - In a tissue, dump 3 tsp. of baking soda. Fold the tissue up like a square. Then, close the bag up, leaving space to drop the pouch. Zip it up, let go of the pouch, and watch the bag expand - GAS! Soon the bag will look like a giant bubble. Hold it up and look what's happening inside, an acid-base

    Loved doing this! All you do is fill a cup half way with regular cold tap water.... Then adding shaving cream on the top.... And lastly drop in a few drops of food coloring and watch the storm happen!

    Have kids predict whether sodas will sink or float. Most will assume they will all act the same but they won't! Nice way to touch on sugar content too :)

    On a tray, place a pile of baking soda. Mix vinegar + a few drops of food coloring in a cup. Give the kids an eyedropper. Have them fill it with vinegar, squeeze onto the baking soda and watch mini volcanoes erupt! Rainy day idea!

    Create a discovery bottle for each season.

    Watch as the blue and yellow water travel up the paper towel and makes it's way into the empty cup making green water. Neat!

    How 2 Shear a Sheep: Need: Balloon, Sharpie, Shaving Cream, Popsicle Stick & cover for the table. To give the full experience (without giving a 3 year old a razor and a full grown sheep), he shaved a balloon with a Popsicle stick! Instructions: Blow up a balloon and draw a sheepy face. Add shaving cream and shave using the stick. Fun times!

    Experiment for kids- make rain clouds. Science to make learning fun!

    Neat science experiment for kids! Create your own ecosystem- just set them in front of a sunny window so that photosynthesis can happen, setting in motion the cycle of life. The water will evaporate to the top to rain down on the soil, helping the grass to grow and the dead leaves to decompose, which feed the insects. There will be plenty of oxygen from the plants, and the algae that will grow will feed the fish and snails.

    Raining Rainbows

    Experiment with sugar and water to see what colors ants prefer - and look at their bellies. You can see what color of sugar water they are drinking.

    It's alive! One of the coolest science experiments ever!- cornstarch and water mixture moves to sound so kids can visually experience sound waves.

    Science Experiment - cool to do with the kids in the fall for learning colors - have it on display at circle-time -- do again in the spring when flowers are blooming and let's see what they are going to do -- maybe the kids can do their own colored carnation with mixing colors and observing what they created appear - take home to mom, etc...... :)

    science fair project!

    Science Experiment!

    Mini water cycles using a rotisserie container

    Candy experiments. All candy. All science. All fun.