Splatter nails!

cool nails

Neon Splatter Nails

Splatter nails

Splatter effect

Mosaic. whoa!

Splatter paint nails

Pink White and Silver<3

Rainbow splatter nails

paint splatter nail polish

Gray matte + glitter nails :)>>>>to get matt polish add cornstarch to clear nail polish

Paint splatter nails. Love!

paint splatter

Splatter party tutorial

Directions: 1. White Base Color 2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail. 3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila!

neon splatter mani

DIY- Nail Art With Hairspray First start with painting your nails and let them dry.Then add drop of nail polish in a cup and spray it with your hairspray.Dip your nail .

Black and white design nails

nails nails nails!!!

nails nails nails

Mint and white.