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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Syke, Scotland.

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan. 26 Real Places That Look Like They've Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

It's like it snowed pink

British Lavender Fields

Cave of Melody, Scotland

Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico + Possibly a cenote, anyone know?

New Zealand

Fairy Pools - Isle of Sky, Scotland, UK

Emerald Pool at Subway - Zion National Park, Utah

Tobermory Cross - Isle of Mull, Scotland – Celebrate Faith

Natural swimming pool in Mexico.. amazing!

Zwembalkons in Mumbai, India. Each room has its own pool https://www.facebook.com/Mostvisitedplaces

The Pink Beach, Sardinia, Italy

Faerie Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Milky Way, Song Saa Island, Cambodia #tropicalvacations

Travertine Terraces (Turkish Spring Rock Formations) #HelloGreen

The yellow brick road from the abandoned theme park "The Land of Oz" in Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Lost Spring Thermal Pools - Whitianga, New Zealand. North Island.

Beach Blanket Bingo! ... Aprés Grande 12, by Christian Chaize from his beach series via @Katie Hrubec Couric

70 lightning strikes captured at once