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Wether, Teleportation, Time, Dreams, Fire, Nature, Air, Healing | (time can look 2 different ways, 1st is like in this pic, 2nd is it looks kinda like dreams)

"We harness from the hottest and brightest stars in the night sky" Jalen said."The blue ones." she finished.

Build Upper Body Strength with Shoulder Taps

Pin now, practice shoulder taps later - great for building upper body strength. Wearing: heart butt leggings, sweaty betty bra. Using: fit lifestyle co mat.

They watched as the flames consumed their homes. It rose up high above their heads. The great was so intense that it seemed like heaven itself was burning.

Rompiendo el mito: Capitán América.

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He held the live ember in his hand, unflinching. "Why isn't it hurting you?" Nadine asked worriedly. He shrugged and glanced at the smoke escaping between his fingers. "It takes quite a lot to hurt me, and I'm sort of...immune to fire." (B2: Quest for a Forgotten Legend) ~Wendy Hamlet