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This is adorable

She's adorable!



Always a camera.

Have your subject look towards a natural light source for highlighting and contouring the face naturally

This would be perfect if it was a wedding dress instead of a shirt

lab oil | French photographer alain laboile

Hopeful: Professional nursing means being a source of hope for patients in times of distress. Sorrisi nonostante tutto...

asian eskimo baby. this will be my future child if my future goes according to plan haha (inside joke), but seriously this child is beyond adorable! - ♀ ♀ #beautiful #faces

Photographers and their most popular photos…

Precious! 


Smile for me! // This has to be what pure joy looks like. We should all strive to feel it in our soul.

Lendu girl from Gety, a remote village located in Ituri region of the northeastern DR Congo | © Christophe Stramba-Badiali

Pretty african girl


Vanuatu kids smiling