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The VW Mystery of The Topless Type 3. It is a curious part of VW history that the convertible Type 3 never actually made it into production despite protoypes being produced and brochures advertising it to the general public. What went wrong?

Good copywriting excites me. I thought I'd research this properly, having seen it on Mad Men. The words leap off the page. You're unaware of the author's intention, until about halfway through. By then, all of VW's brand values are instilled. You're impressed, engaged. Despite the fact it's 50 years old, you want one. This is writing for the ages. Respect.

vintage advertising - Google Search

I'm totally the right kind of wife for it lol :)

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Volkswagen Ad Stirs Online Racism Debate. Despite how some Americans feel, I agree with the Jamaicans that the point was about getting in touch with your inner, happy Jamaica.

Despite the fact that the VW Beetle was a vehicle from Germany -- a country not exactly loved by Americans post-World War II -- the vehicle became one of the most popular, best selling cars of its time. The ad itself was recognized by Ad Age as the top campaign of the last century, and the campaign was renowned for helping establish Madison Avenue as the epicenter of creative genius. -Hubspot

Das Auto. Magazine tells the story of the automotive pioneer Felix Burian. Find out how Burian not only became one of the first Volkswagen dealers in Tel Aviv, but also helped to popularise Volkswagen in Israel around 50 years ago, despite the difficult relation that many Israelis had with products "made in Germany".