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    • DeMecia Wooten-Irizarry

      In Ancient times, Africans were called the Ethiopians; in medieval times most africans were called Moors; Moors brought culture and learning to Europe. They civilized and gave Europe all modernity.

    • Charity White

      African Moors in Spain who introduced learning and civilization in Spain and Europe

    • Elizabeth Verona

      The Moorish Chief - Eduard Charlemont 1878 - The History of Spain and Africa - The History And the Age of The Moors in Spain: The Moors Civilized Europe.

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    Hasekura in Rome. He is conventionally considered the first Japanese ambassador in the Americas and in Europe.[4]


    A series of photographs on Mecca and its surrounding area taken sometime around 1887 by the photographer Al Sayyid Abd al Ghaffar, compared with images from similar locations taken in 2015.

    Known historically as 'Juana la loca', Juana of Castile, sister to Catherine of Aragon (first wife of Henry VIII). She became Queen regnant of Castile upon the death of her mother Isabella I. Her father & husband more than likely conspired to have her declared insane (thus unfit to rule) due to her flair for dramatic outburts. Upon the death of her husband, she went into lifetime mourning, locked in a tower by her son for the rest of her life (still being the Queen of Castile until her death).

    Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald - 1920s Flapper

    When Vice President Dick Cheney left office, his approval rating stood at a staggeringly low 13 percent. Few political figures in history have been so reviled. As his memoir, In My Time, hits bookstores today, and he does a series of friendly interviews in the press, some Americans with short memories might wonder, "Why is it that so few were willing to endorse his performance in office?"

    Egyptologist Dr. Wael Sherbiny working on the manuscript at the Cairo Museum

    Water Is Not A Human Right

    The Lady of Elche or Lady of Elx is a once polychrome stone bust discovered by chance in 1897. The Lady of Elche is generally believed to be a piece of Iberian sculpture from the 4th century BC, though the artisanship suggests strong Hellenistic influences.

    Mexicans In The US

    EVELYN NESBIT --Known to millions before her 16th birthday in 1900, Evelyn was the most photographed woman of her era, an iconic figure who set the standard for female beauty. Her jealous millionaire husband, Harry K. Thaw, killed her lover, Stanford White, the architect of much of New York. She found herself at the center of the Crime of the Century and the star of a great courtroom drama. Well, she is gorgeous.

    The Kingdom of Kush lay to the South of Egypt and is famous for its more pointed pyramids. Several Queens have ruled Kush, but one of the greatest is certainly Amanirenas. Ruling for about 30 years, she led her forces against the Romans in Egypt. After initial success, the Romans pushed back. A peace treaty was then signed, by terms favorable to Kush. A contemporary of Cleopatra, Amanirenas was probably blind in one eye.

    Mount Rushmore’s Final Look

    No Truer Words Have Been Said Before

    Anzick child is the earliest ancient American to have his entire genome sequenced - and geneticists were stunned to find he is directly ancestral to the entire population of the continent

    This shows the changes of the Mongol Empire . So which empire was bigger ? I really want to know the Roman? The Ottoman? Which? This one?

    DNA Is Said to Solve a Mystery of Warren Harding’s Love Life - The New York Times

    James Blaesing, seen here in 2013 with his grandson, Mason Simon, is the grandson of President Warren G. Harding, according to recent DNA tests.

    These paintings of seals were discovered in the Nerja Caves near Malaga, Spain. They are at least 42,000 years old and are the only known artistic images created by Neanderthal man

    Assyrian warriors

    Theyyam dancer in costume - India

    The REAL face of King Tut: Pharaoh had girlish hips, a club foot and buck teeth according to 'virtual autopsy' that also revealed his parents were brother and sister

    Repin if you're tired of Boehner breaking our government then blaming Obama.