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the cutest kitty bath

The Dogbrella

Dogbrella Keep your dog dried when you take it out for a walk with this waterproof umbrella sufficient for any small dog. The umbrella has a diameter canopy and is made from clear.




Northern Cardinal, Meaning Of Colors, Bird, Animal, In Nature, Colour, Cardinals, Eggs, Feathers


About my garden and gardening experiences, the nature around me and my Irish Wolfhounds.

The Tasmanian Devils are the world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial. They can be identified by their short thick tail, relatively large broad head and thickset squat build. Adult males weigh about 12 kg and can stand up to 30 cm high at the shoulder. They are scavengers but also kill prey as large as wallabies and sheep. Blessed with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, they completely devour their prey's bones, meat and all. They are famous for their rowdy communal feeding at carcasses.

The endangered Tasmanian Devils are the world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial.

piglets... I've always wanted a pig and no Man would ever let me one. I think we shall get a potbelly now.

Bet they like P.I.G. Tips! The pocket piglets who can fit inside a teacup

i want the tan lil' piggy

Every time I see a red cardinal I think of my grandparents and the legacy they left!

Fire and ice - Cardinal

pinky and the brain

Selena Gomez: Hot and Sexy Girl


Adorable baby in glasses

Gepind vanaf kepguru.hu

"Oh glorious NUT shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

"Do you think it's cold?" "Nah, the thermometer say 72." "Oh my gosh! It so lied!!!"

"Do you think it's cold?" "Nah, the thermometer say "Oh my gosh! It so lied!

Picknick auf dem Eis von Michael Wolta...........I want one!!! Look at his cute little feet!!

Muskrat by MoreMore Picknick auf dem Eis by Michael Wolta



many wow

cute pictures of animals