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The European Bee-eater is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It breeds in S Europe and in parts of N Africa & W Asia. Strongly migratory, it winters in tropical Africa, India & Sri Lanka.

The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), sometimes called Snakebird, Darter, American Darter, or Water Turkey, is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas. Image via Bird's Eye View at

from Fine Art America

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Bonnie Barry

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal. I see these beautiful birds in my feeders all of the time. The trick is to use only sunflower seeds!

favorite bird, favorite color combo! I love ALL colors but b/w the best. The last craft show I did I only had b/w stuff... did great! It was such an eye catcher. Will definitely do it again...only next time I'll have tons of b/w balloons (idea from brilliant niece Mattie B!)

Liam's favorite bird...The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the biggest, most striking forest birds on the continent. They dig characteristically rectangular holes in trees to find ants. These excavations can be so broad and deep that they can cause small trees to break in half. (Photo: Hal and Kirstin Snyder),,,they live in the woods behind me and I've had them come to the feeder on the deck. <3