If you ever owned a pair of jeans that looked like this, you might be a product of the 80's. ( Remember them?)

Fold over jeans

1980's ruffle shirt... Yes, we actually wore these!

I wish MTV was as awesome as it was in The 80's it actually played videos!!

I remember this bottle

.can't believe I wore these!

80's laces. So cool in your roller skates too!

JELLY SHOES..wasn't a fan but owned a few pair

! i loved mine

I loved these!

I loved roller skating!!

Toe socks! Who didn't have a pair of these? I did!

"baggies" from the 80's #nostalgia

jean jacket with pins

Maxi Colors-to-Go eyeshadow from the 80's

Vintage 70's clog ( i used to own a pair like these i got them in europe and in yellow!) lol i think i have them still somewhere!! lol

Rocked the roll!

Bell Bottoms

Captain Kangaroo! Mr Moose!! Mr. Green Jeans! I would pretend I was sick so I could stay home and watch this!

in this picture , womens wear a crop-top , demin jeans and SNEAKERS , sneaker is come from 1980s . it's one of the trends in this decade and now from mid 2013-2014 it still a popular style

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