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spx: Provided for your tattooing consideration. Glorified teeth and eyes! Illuminati! Skulls! Oh dang, this is for me.

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"Modern Hieroglyphics" Art Print by Mike Giant

“Modern Hieroglyphics” Art Print by Mike Giant

Ariel... #DiaDeLosMuertos #SugarSkull #FitAriel #MermaidHair #MermaidTail #TLM #Ariel #TheLittleMermaid #Mermaid

Lace tattoo idea, would be cool smaller and wrapped around like a |

Unalome- The crown of the Arahants(enlightened Saints)- the spiral stands for the crown at the center of the scalp, and the straight line pointing upwards representing the the straight path to enlightenment without any wavering behavior that the Arahants have accomplished. The weavering ovals are human desires or things that distract us such as material wealth or other attachments and as the ovals decrease moving toward a straight line pointing upwards signifies the path to enlightenment or…

20 Crowns - Custom Shapes THOUGHT THIS WAS COOL

one life, one love - never really thought I'd get a couples tattoo, but I really like this idea.

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Diamonds and gem stones, jewels, jewelry, digital clip art, clipart, clip-art set, graphic design, scrapbooking, vector, instant download

This is "Diamonds and gem stones jewels" by Illustree. This file features lineart of gemstones in different cuts from different angles. Each gemstone features a radial pattern of its own, all created with just a few simple lines.