abandoned and forgotten places FASCINATE me. Crazy to think about how much LIFE there used to be there, and now it is just silent and no one remembers it.

Abandoned Castle

Castle ruins. Hard to believe this was once a beautiful place and lively :) if walls could talk! #architecture #castle ruins

Awesome stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland!

I love this photo of an abandoned building in England. Beautiful architecture and staircase!

Abandoned Beauty

Abandoned crypt-turned-tree


~ Abandoned

abandoned house in France

Elegant staircase in an abandoned mansion

Abandoned Mansion, Beirut

School for girls UK


What remains of Bannerman's castle, an abandoned military surplus warehouse on the Hudson River in New York.


An abandoned castle in Italy.


Abandoned castle, Italy

Abandoned Castle

This lovely abandoned castle somewhere in a very small but rich village was a great place to visit. The stairs, the piano and the very decay...