Third and final book in the Amazon Bestselling Stolen Series on International Human Trafficking, due for release by August 2012! FB: Human Trafficking Stolen Woman

Stolen Child, sequel to Amazon bestseller Stolen Woman: Do You Know Who You Are? (Series on International Human Trafficking)

Need a good Christmas gift for someone who cares about human trafficking? A book of hope! Stolen Woman: What Would You Risk to Rescue a Trafficked Friend? Christian suspense/romance novel on International Human Trafficking (Stolen Series) by Kimberly Rae,

Kimberly Rae, author of STOLEN WOMAN (Book 1, STOLEN series)

Stolen Future - Kimberly Rae On Amazon for 99 cents today and tomorrow - 7/30 and 31


Summer 2014: Books to put on your Reading List.

A Walk Across the Sun: A novel mostly in India and a group's effort to stop human trafficking.

Books You Can't Put Down -- great list of addictive books that will keep you up reading!

FREE KINDLE BOOK on BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Amazon Bestselling Christian suspense/romance, Stolen Woman Please pass the word!

Priceless by Tom Davis. I've read a lot of books on human trafficking but this one is still my favorite. Not many people can mix important facts into a fiction book as well as Tom Davis has. You won't forget this book!

The Graveyard Book

A book on human trafficking by Ben Skinner. I had the opportunity to interview him when he came to speak at the University of Nebraska. He travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world, specifically searching for traffickers and their victims.

twilight series

This book talks about Human trafficking as our modern-day slavery. We don't realize this is going on in our communities here in the states.

A great book!

40 Banned Books to Read at Your Own Risk --- I read most of these before finishing High School and half were ASSIGNED but we ban them from future generations?!?

15 great book recommendations to read in 2015, love this reading list and can't wait to check out #10!

The first time to read a book

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