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Keep Smiling & one day life will quit hurting you. A smile goes a long way in this world. It change change your frame of mind & make someone else's day for the better. It is a win win!

new shop window display

Doorbell broken. Yell ding dong really loud.

the "earth" without "art" is just "eh"- this should be in the art room

motherhood humor... This is so true. I feel excited to go to the grocery store ALONE these days!

i never thought grocery shopping would be a vacation but, alone, it is! I remember those days however I really don't like visiting the grocery store


Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels - Appetizer

I love all His provisions - and often forget to thank Him.a reminder for me.

“Are you happy?” | Fabulous Quotes

5 Ways to Simplify your Life (and a cool flow chart)

Quotes Station: Cross Stitch with Kids Quotes

I love these Cross Stitch with Kids Quotes. They're so simple to sew yet they are lovely to look at and make a nice decoration. I love Quot.

As My World Turns - A Conservative Mom in Her Right Mind: Pure Is Not Just For Ivory Soap TRUTHBOMB This is what I'm teaching my 11 year old daughter. For most of my adult life I have willfully disobeyed God when it came to sex and I admit it. In the movie, "The Devil's Advocate", the devil, played by a couple of actors - Al Pachino most notably, at the very end of the movie looks right into the camera and says, "Vanity, definitely my favorite sin." Well, for me it's always been lust that...

Good Advice "Cinderella didn't need to take off her dress to get her prince charming and neither do you.

I hate when people do this.... dobt come talking to me... If when I start talking back your scrolling thru your phone! Erks me! I know someone qho does this and we dont talk at all!!!

Words_Respect_"Putting your phone away & paying attention to those talking to you! There is an app for that, it's called respect.

Because what's not to love about the rain? :)

I like people who smile when it's raining. (Smile by Lisa Wallace) umbrella and whale