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Kool-Aid Mother's Day ad, 1962

Kool-Aid might actually be able to claim the first smiley face.Kool-Aid was the drink of choice

Any time we got a cut, Daddy would put mercurochrome on it and say, "Blow on it!" We always cried because it stung!

my dad would always put this on my scrapes/cuts. The bright red color made me think my bruise was even worse than it was. And it stung like fire on a cut or scrape.

10 Ice-Cream Truck Favorites Ranked

Creamy orange "Push Up" .I remember the ice cream truck selling these by my house. Everyone knew the ice cream truck man.

I went through ALOT of these!!

I remember them so well, even the brand name. Triple Play cassette tapes for recording songs off the radio.

Sprinkler for ironing clothes.

Used to sprinkle & dampen clothes before ironing. You would sprinkle them with water then roll them up and put them in a plastic bag till they were damp and you could iron the wrinkles out better. My mother used an old coke bottle.

Remember when

Remember when

Homemade Popsicles from chocolate pudding...what a treat!

Tupperware Popsicle Maker - every summer! Oh the apple and orange juice popsicles I used to eat.

drinking the company kool-aid

Kool-Aid packets at least a couple pitchers a day with at least cups of sugar per picture made.