I always need new running tunes. in other news, glad to see my fave running song, "Party Up" by DMX made the cut. I'm not alone... Thank goodness.

Top 50 Workout Songs. What's your favorite song on the list?

Top 50 Workout Songs. What's your favorite song on the list?

OK Ladies. . . The Ultimate Girl Power Playlist! Comment below if you have a favortie not on the list! <3

12 Secret Workout Pandora Stations

Are you feeling a little bit down and not motivated to go workout. Here's 21 good workout songs to boost your motivation and get you ready to sweat it out.

One-Song Warm-Up | Fabletics Blog

One Song Workout, as seen on Hey Fran Hey tumblr

The right tunes can motivate you to upgrade your workout from just ok to great. If you are looking for ideas for motivating pop workout music, I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite pop songs from 2015!

Great running quote!

THE ULTIMATE GYM PLAYLIST! From Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk and Robin Shulz's Prayer In C, to Coleman Hell's 2 Heads and Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean?, these workout songs will make you want to workout LONGER and HARDER. Guaranteed!

12 Songs for Your Running Playlist #running #music #playlist

100 Running Songs-- or just songs to just workout to :-)

why I run... #running

Take your workouts to the next level with these energetic, top rated pop tunes. #workouts #playlist

Just Run

Nothing motivates me like good tunes. 100 best #workout songs. #workoutmusic #music #workoutsongs #workoutplaylist #playlist #song

for any runners out there.. this is the best site ever. rockmyrun.com offers amazing running playlists.. for FREE! :) I need to check this out

Getting fit with your favorite songs is an excellent way to enhance your workout. Research shows that music motivates you to push harder, so why not kick off an intense sweat session by warming up to catchy tunes? Below … READ MORE >

Best Running song playlist.