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  • valery

    "piggy" = comes with two piggy banks, smaller one to teach children to put 10% aside for charity

  • Dani Enkey

    @materious 1#piggy 2piggy for children is a brilliant idea to teach children to save 10% of their income for charity plus you get 2 cute piggies instead of one a Momma or Dad and a baby for others a great learning moment of sharing and thinking of others a lesson we all could brush up on

  • A-List Mom

    Piggy, the philanthropic piggy bank set for kids

  • 168Good Business Group

    “The power of piggy: We believe that this simple product, Piggy, can truly make the world a better and more compassionate place. Piggy helps teach kids about charitable giving, with the hopes of inspiring new generations of caring, sharing, philanthropic citizens. With 12,000 children born each day in the US, imagine the social impact if just a fraction of them learned powerful lessons of gratefulness and kindness to others.”

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