Pantone Cookies in a Pantone Tin. Which Pantone Colour is your favourite?

Galletas Pantone.

Kim creative star Pantone cookies, you've got to be keen but sure is a novelty.

New York City Cookies | my kitchen addiction

You cant have a New York City themed wedding without a yellow cab in there somewhere, so how about taxi cab cookies!

These cakes. They make me wish that A) I was super rich and could get myself cakes like this just for fun, or B) I had some sort of super fancy occasion that called for super fancy cakes.

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pantone pairings: mac & cheese / milk & cookies / peanut butter & jelly

Pantone Food Pairings, Mac and Cheese. Milk and Cookies. Peanut Butter and Jelly.

These are all amazing! Must try!!!

Yesssss it’s a mexican pinata cookie! There is real candy hiding in these colorful cookies just like a real pinata? This might work for Saint Patricks day too because of the rainbow colors!

The hearts are sort of cute.

The hearts are sort of cute.

cookie birthday cake!

Cute little yummy things Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Frosting. omg Pretty AND yummy OreoCake