Jade Green Chain Necklace

Must be mine <3<3<3

In love <3<3

Want <3

Fire Balloon Long Necklace: Hot air balloon pendant necklace. Featuring pierced design, multicolored enamel balloon and goldplated nacelle. Cable chain. Buy on http://www.polyvore.com/fire_balloon_long_necklace/thing?id=53216408 for eleven dollars!

Retro love <3

Pretty <3

Danielle Stevens zodiac necklace- available in all signs!

Lander Clutch <3<3

Oh, so pretty <3

Mixed metal love <3

I have fallen in lurve <3

Two, please <3

Lovely...myhabit <3

Mint loveliness


Danielle Stevens loveliness.

Pretty in Pink Necklace

jade green

I'm a sucker for anything sea foam. Anthropologie cuff bracelet

OMG, I love this. Green <3