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peace drips slow

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sunrise in algonuin park. solo paddling. peace. Can't wait for the summer to come!

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In life, there are no ordinary moments...most of us never really recognize the most significant moments of our lives when they are happenig.... Kathleen Magee

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Nyc Summerinthecity

Peace Nyc

miss liberty

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Patrick Di Fruscia

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By #travelling collections #travel guide #travel tips|

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hogar dulce hogar :3

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☼ ☾

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Baba Ji, Varanasi, India #india #priest #temple #religion

Stylish Evefrom Stylish Eve

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ideal para descansar

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images of hippie boho | hippie boho scarf nails peace bohemian these-memoriess • BTW this means you are so totally fucked if I do this in your face. It means I will snip your inards and turn them into mush until you devour your own filth and become filth and be miserable forever if you fuck with my young. It does sir. I'm not nice at all. It mans victory. does it not sir?

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para apreciar a vista e descansar...

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How I long for summer... Loading up the jeep, campfire moments, and waking up in a tent filled with morning light.

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...que estos tonos te hacen descansar bien

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that infinite feeling

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Vintage Camper for me and the girls. a Thelma and Louise road trip but with a happy ever after ending.

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Camp cooking with Tripod, Billy Can, Dutch #recipes cooking #cooking tips #cooking guide|