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I saw this castle episode and died laughing. I replayed it because I loved it so much. If you ever watch his series castle, he actually gets a few good jabs in about firefly and what's even cooler, some of the firefly cast make guest appearances. "That Joss Whedon show."

And that, my friends is why this man is the most irresistible villain ever

Steven Moffat

Just the favorites and the ones with perfect romantic relationships.

I knew the "Keep Calms" would get me sooner or later.

If I Facepalmed Any Harder, I'd be Dead This has been bugging me for sooo long!!

♥ him. Wil Wheaton is an amazing person. I know a lot of folks didn't like him on Star Trek Next Gen but I was totally crushing on him when he was on that show.

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Adventure Time with Frank and Jake or something close to that.

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