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A picture says a thousand words. This picture tells me that no matter what the species, love is love. And compassion is felt by all of God's creatures...

24 Best Monkey Friends. Live unlikely animal friend stories but hate to see a monkey on a chain :-(

White with blue eyes and black with yellow eyes cool! This reminds me of my favorite book tiger's curse by colleen houck.

Aww.... this is sooo cute. The elephant isn't afraid at all. It's amazing to me how something so big & strong can be so gentle & caring for others. Elephants are amazing! God bless them all :)

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Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. They have been known to rescue other animals! Adorable :)

Abduzeedofrom Abduzeedo

50 Incredibly Cute Baby Animal Pictures around the World

look at this adorable creature!! This bayyyybe looks like Albert Einstein on a bad hair day! NO OFFENSE! I Love this guy! <3

Sweet little hugs. I just LOVE this one. A baby monkey, loving this dove, or pidgeon? and the Bird is patient, perhaps maternal. They're Exactly like people. the wet kitten in the road who we FEEL compelled to Love / & rescue. Animals want to Rescue each other too, it seems -- from all the photo's on Facebook, Pinterest etc... I'm so impressed w/the Power of Love.

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: The Happiest Animal In The World

It's called a Quokka, lives in australia, is endangered, and considered one of the friendliest, happiest animals on earth.