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Mango & salted coconut pop with crushed peanut topping

Mango & Salted Coconut Popsicle with Crushed Peanut Topping - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Minus the peanuts for us.Mango and Salted Coconut Pop with Roasted Peanut Topping by the Design Files Daily

Coconut Milk Fudgesicles - just five ingredients

Coconut Milk Fudgesicles

Rich, Creamy Coconut Milk Fudgesicles on The Creekside Cook: 1 13 ounce can organic coconut milk ⅓ cup dark baking cocoa 2 tablespoons honey [or 4 tablespoons maple syrup] 1 teaspoon pure vanilla pinch of kosher salt

Mango Salted Coconut Pop / Liana Raine

Mango & Salted Coconut Popsicle with Crushed Peanut Topping

Ice Cream and Mixed-Berry Pop recipes. Just blend favorite berries into vanilla ice cream and freeze.

Ice Cream and Mixed-Berry Pops

Ice Cream and Mixed-Berry Pops - Pureed blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries give these pops their pretty purple hue. Simply blend in vanilla ice cream and freeze the mixture in ice-pop molds

Mango Chia Popsicles- INGREDIENTS  3 cups mango, chopped (about 2 large mangos) 10 ounces coconut water 1 1/2 tablespoons chia seeds DIRECTIONS  Place mango and coconut water into blender and blend until smooth. Stir in chia seeds. Pour mixture into 10 - 3 ounce popsicle molds and place a wooden stick into each (or follow the directions of your popsicle mold). Freeze until frozen

Mango Chia Popsicles by Jelly Toast - sweet but healthy treat, these 3 ingredient Mango Chia Popsicles are full of pureed mango, coconut water and chia seeds.

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles ~ This fast and easy strawberry recipe is also a low-fat dessert. Anyone sense a new recipe run? Yep, I’m on a serious Popsicle recipe kick. I love how easy they are to make and since they are tasty and low in calorie, you can indulge guilt free. Have one, two or ten! Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles It’s high strawberry season right now in California and with that comes buying strawberry in large flats. Most of the time between my son and I, we can pretty much…

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles ~ This fast and easy strawberry recipe is also a low-fat dessert. Anyone sense a new recipe run? Yep, I’m on a serious Popsicle

Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops are the perfect summer treat! They are refreshing and packed with vitamin c, antioxidants and power boosting protein. Just 5 ingredients and a few minutes to pop these in the freezer.

Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops

Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Ice Pops - made with fresh raspberries, fresh lemon juice & zest, and plain yogurt. I can't wait for raspberry season!

Mango-Coconut Pops

Simply Obsessed Frozen Coconut Mango Pops – perfect way to cool off on these hot summer days! Made with coconut milk and pureed mango.

(dairy-free, vegan) Coconut chia mango popsicles. A creamy coconut mango popsicle with healthy chia seeds.

Coconut Chia Mango Popsicles

These coconut chia mango popsicles are my new favorite popsicle. They're healthy, vegan, naturally sweetened and perfect for kids and adults alike.

Mango and coconut creamsicles

Mango Coconut Creamsicles

Mango Coconut Creamsicles Recipe Desserts with mango, vanilla bean seeds, lime, coconut milk

Coconut Pineapple Yogurt Pops | Recipe Runner | Bring the tropics to your home this #summer ! Cool off with these healthy sweet treats!

They would have to be lactose free through. - Coconut Pineapple Yogurt Pops by reciperunner: Cool off with a healthy tropical treat.

What better summertime treat is there than the popsicle? A frozen bar of chocolate or fruity goodness is perfect poolside, at the beach, or just coming in from running across the sprinkler. Year after year we are given the offered the same choices from major commercial retailers. We found you 40 delicious and unique homemade …

40 Delicious Homemade Popsicle Recipes You Can Make

Beat the summer heat with these Strawberry Mango Chia Popsicles! Fresh fruit, chia seeds, and coconut water is all you need to whip up these hydrating pops. Add agave instead of honey to make vegan!

Para este calor...!!

Frozen Fruit Pops - Ideal for Hot Summer Days

Fresh Fruit Pops - fruit puree, popsicle sticks, and mini plastic cups. I agree that riper fruit would be sweeter. Oh, and I didn't have Popsicle sticks so I used plastic spoons.