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The Hachikō statue outside Shibuya Station, a dog who belonged to a Tokyo University professor in the 1920s. Every day, the professor would go to work, and every day Hachiko would meet his master at Shibuya Station to walk home with him. One day the professor suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at work and died, never meeting Hachikō at his usual time at the station...Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō…

Hachi, the Loyal Akita, waited 9 years for his master, Professor Ueno, who had died at work one day. Every day at the train station the loyal Hachiko waited...and waited...and waited. Hachi was so loyal to to the Professor, he has a statue at the exact place he waited, so in a way...Hachiko is still waiting...forever and ever still

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Hachiko: The dog who waited for his owner at the train station: | 14 Pictures That Prove Animals Are Better Than People

" Hachi? Hachi? Oh, old thing! You're still waiting. That's right. If it's all right, could I wait with you for the next train? Yeah? Thanks." - Hachiko: A Dog's Story

Hachiko Statue, Shibuya, Tokyo. This is a statue of a dog who always waited for his master to come home on the afternoon train. One day, his master didn't come home. Still, the dog waited at the same time every day for years, until he died. I read a book about this and it's such a sweet story of devotion.

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Hachiko, the loyal Akita, who walked his owner to the train station every morning and waited for him every afternoon. When his owner died one day at work Hachiko continued to return to the station every every afternoon at 4 pm waiting for his master's return for the next 10 years until his death.

The story of Hachiko is very sad yet inspiring as well. Hachiko was found by Professor Ueno in Shibuya Station. Every day, Hachi would meet his owner at the station after work. One day, Professor Ueno had a hemorrhage and died, never to return to the station where Hachi waited. Hachiko waited for nine years at the station, and only stopped when he died. This story is about never forgetting someone you love. When I saw the movie, I teared up.

Bronze statue of Hachiko in Shibuya Station, Japan - Visit and make the most of your experience in Japan!

Another view of the Hachiko statue at the entrance to JR (Japan Railways) Shibuya Station...a popular meeting spot for friends and dates...

Hachiko next to Professor Ueno, of the Argriculture dept of the Univ. of Tokyo. In 1924 Ueno picked the 8th born puppy of an Akita Inu litter and named him Hachi-Ko - which means 8. They walked together to the train station every morning and Hachi came back every evening to wait for Ueno - until Ueno died in May of 1925. Hachi waited for the Prof until he died March 8,1935.

A Lesson in Eternal Friendship & Loyalty: Hachiko with his owner Yaeko Ueno and station staff in February 1934.