Beach waves

Twisted Beach Waves

How- to Beachy Waves

this looks really cute and just easy steps! : part your hair twist the parts run straightener over twists WELLA!

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know. I knew almost all of these from school but a good pin to pin for others :)

I think I wanna do waves instead of curls tomorrow I can't decide omggggg #thestruggleisreal

how to: beach waves for short hair

Hairstyles Talk: The LOB VS The EXTRA LONG Hair | Fashion Tag

Beach wave Perm!! I'm totally thinking about doing this for high school next year!!

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No heat Beach Waves? Right here! Usually when I try this style I make sure my hair is damp, but not wet, so it doesn't smell sour or remain wet throughout the brachytherapy wave style. Mariah:)

pastell rosa das mal nicht so barbie mäßig ausschaut

Curling w/ a straightener.

Dry your hair and get those pretty waves all in just one step! I LOVE this idea because it gives you a more natural wave. I don’t like to look like I’ve spent hours in front of the mirror curling and perfecting my waves. Go check out the full instructions with a lot more photos over at Oh So Pretty!


How to Wave Your Hair

Easy messy do for a lazy hair day... which is basically everyday now #beauty

beachy hair how to

Gonna try this. Curlin my hair with a flat iron never has turned out, but then again ive never done it this way.

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Do this one all the time when I don't have time to let my hair dry! It is so quick and easy but looks so difficult to do! I get comments on this do all the time! And I have curly hair and can do it I just do it when its still damp for all those curly heads out there!;-)