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all about betta fish: February the simplicity.

So I made a new tank for my pet crayfish Thermidor. What do you think? - Imgur


thoughts on paludarium/river tank - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community


DREAMS-Ark | 逐梦记-方舟 by Wang Ruilin

Chinese Water Dragon - tank setup

Interesting concept.

I have no idea where the background came from but what I great looking planted tank!! I love it:)

Clean, stylish reptile cages in an office, doubling as storage. Love! Source unknown.

Island Paludarium 360° - DIY Creation

Island Paludarium 360° - DIY Creation


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Paludarium Construction Journal

Bilder von Terrarien - Seite 10


Tarantula naturalistic set up | Inspired By The Natural Habbitat Thread..

Inspired By The Natural Habbitat Thread.. - Page 2 - Reptile Forums

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Oliver Knott - Fluvial edge 2

Oliver Knott's Green Ball

By Andy Ruppert

450 gallon viv - in love with this. Josh Moore's attention to detail is what makes his vivariums so incredible