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Sherlock is the most frustrating obsession ever. Benedict... why must you be so charming and, well, beautiful! :(

He's always impeccably dressed for a country getaway. | 25 Things That Prove Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Perfect Man

Happy Birthday, Benedict. You are not only a breathtaking actor, but an incredible person. Your work on and off screen has inspired so many and the world is a little bit better off because of you. Not to mention how gorgeous and intelligent you are. Anyway, happy 37th birthday. Live long and prosper. Love always, -The Cumber-Collective

Oh goodness. I don't even read the description. I just stare happily ( and probably creepily) at the picture.

Elegant tip: Looking for a way to add some tasteful decor to a library or study? Benedict Cumberbatch!

"I'm just gonna casually stand here, doing pretty much nothing, and you're gonna lose your mind anyway," says Benny.

I should probably just make a Benedict Cumberbatch board... <- yeah i probably should as well but I'd kinda just rather keep it in my sherlock board instead of trying to keep track of the two

Benedict Cumberbatch... I'm thinking it's about time for this man to have his own board...

Benedict Cumberbatch on a horse! (did that "look at your man, now look back at me" line from the Old Spice commercial pop into anyone else's head?)

Khan from "Star Trek: Into Darkness" - he is one bloody awesome villain.